Foam Rubber Baseball Bat

Another foam prop. Raincloud Magic already offers a foam baseball, here is the bat that goes with it. The foam baseball bat is a soft foam rubber bat that has a wooden dowel rod inside. You could use the bat and the baseball to play some foam rubber sport, but fun props is what they are really made for.

The baseball bat is a foam rubber replica of Louisville Slugger®. These look exactly like the real thing and ready to be mixed in with the real thing for some fun.

A plain bat is one way it comes, but a new comic book movie is about to come out. In that movie, there is a sexy girl who uses a baseball bat as a weapon. This is a favorite character in cosplay, but you can’t take a real bat to comic conventions for safety reasons. That’s where the Raincloud Magic foam rubber bat has become the “HQ Good Night Bat”.

Foam Rubber Baseball Bat Foam Rubber Baseball Bat Foam Rubber Baseball Bat

Comic Book Bat

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Foam Rubber Light Bulb

Brand new prop….

Foam Rubber Light Bulb

Molded from a standard household light bulb, this can pass for the real thing.

What do you do with it? You toss it at people that’s what!

Great for pulling a gag on people, or a great joke for performers.

Watch people react in panic when you toss a light bulb at them when they weren’t ready. Such fun!

foam rubber light bulb

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Hare and Bird Superposition Back In Stock While they last

Hare and Bird Superposition
I don’t like to bloat, but I can find many people who are willing to argue that my version of the Hippity Hop Rabbits, is the best ever. Just look what Doc Grimes had to say about them…

“Superposition” is simply the cleverest and most engaging revolution of the classic ‘Hippity Hop Rabbits’ illusion on the market and perhaps ever invented. It has earned a permanent place in the beginning of every children’s show we perform at Main Street Magic and Fun Company, and as the resident house magician, I cannot imagine ever dropping it from our performance set. The props are exceptionally well-made, and the complementary animal components lock securely into place, avoiding any miscues in handling. From transfiguration to transposition to transformation, young spectators follow, without confusion, three different stages of irony and surprise. The final effect is the very definition of magical shock and awe! Children’s mouths fall off their faces with the final transformation, and parents sitting behind them in our ‘Magic Attic’ theater break into spontaneous applause.
This review has been unsolicited but most deserved. Congratulations, Randi Rain! And thanks!
Doc Grimes

I just got back from TAOM where I actually oversold out of them.
Which means I have some in stock, but not as many as I would if I didn’t.
Some of these are already claimed.

Hare and Bird Superposition

At TAOM, the Hare and Bird Superposition’s sold out… oversold out, the first day within a few hours.

Hare and Bird Superposition

These are all made handmade. Some times they come out better than others. I am proud to say that this is the best bunch so far. Little changes were made to the construction of the boxes that I really like.
If you were ever on the fence for this trick, this is the time to pull the trigger.
Limited quantity though, and they will go fast. They are quite possibly already gone by the time you read this.

Hare and Bird Superposition

But you never know, you might get lucky… You can order then here…

Hare and Bird Superposition


New Foam Doughnut

The foam doughnut was one of the very first products from Raincloud Magic. Back then a denser foam was used because the foam that is used now wasn’t invented yet. A denser foam meant it didn’t squish as much, which meant the doughnut couldn’t be very big. Now that a better foam has been created, it was past time to redo the doughnut mold, but it has been done.

Introducing the brand new, new and improved, bigger and better… foam doughnut.
Just under 4″ at it’s widest part.

foam doughnut

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Hare and Bird Superposition


A brand new updated version of Hippity Hop rabbits.
I never liked the black rabbit with white outlines. It didn’t look right, and seemed like a copout. I surely didn’t like the different color rabbits as the finale. None of it made any sense. Now it has been updated. No longer are there ugly rabbits, but a cute hare and a bird. Not just on cutout rectangles either. The cutouts are the profile and they match both the bird and hare. Since a hare and a bird are used, this allows an extra layer of magic by adding the Bird/Rabbit illusion to the boxes. Then when the finale comes, the same profile are used for two whole new animals… a goat and a dog.

Superposition Superposition

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Hare And Bird Superposition