The effect has now spilled over to become the Bugs-O-Lite, and have brought more varieties. Now the green ones are called Lightning Bugs, the red ones are called the Fire Flies, and the white ones are the White Sprites. So now you can catch more than just those wonderful glowing bugs that we all caught as a kid. There is now a color for whatever routine you want to do.

Same great effect. No set up. Nothing to put together. No reset. Ready to go for multiple performances. Great for any age, but especially charming for those young minds. Perfect for that hard to entertain pre-school age.

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No Signal – New Stock

Possibly the best hidden gem in magic today. Made in limited runs to keep everyone from doing it. No Signal is the ‘cellphone roulette’ and ‘object to impossible location’ magic trick combined into one. Easy to do, great laughs built in, and it will keep your audience enthralled.

No Signal

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Foam Rubber Baseball Bat

Another foam prop. Raincloud Magic already offers a foam baseball, here is the bat that goes with it. The foam baseball bat is a soft foam rubber bat that has a wooden dowel rod inside. You could use the bat and the baseball to play some foam rubber sport, but fun props is what they are really made for.

The baseball bat is a foam rubber replica of Louisville Slugger®. These look exactly like the real thing and ready to be mixed in with the real thing for some fun.

A plain bat is one way it comes, but a new comic book movie is about to come out. In that movie, there is a sexy girl who uses a baseball bat as a weapon. This is a favorite character in cosplay, but you can’t take a real bat to comic conventions for safety reasons. That’s where the Raincloud Magic foam rubber bat has become the “HQ Good Night Bat”.

Foam Rubber Baseball Bat Foam Rubber Baseball Bat Foam Rubber Baseball Bat

Comic Book Bat

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Foam Rubber Light Bulb

Brand new prop….

Foam Rubber Light Bulb

Molded from a standard household light bulb, this can pass for the real thing.

What do you do with it? You toss it at people that’s what!

Great for pulling a gag on people, or a great joke for performers.

Watch people react in panic when you toss a light bulb at them when they weren’t ready. Such fun!

foam rubber light bulb

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