Imp Bottles Back In Stock

It’s been awhile, but the IMPossible bottles are back and better than ever. This time the top part is lighter, the bottom part is heavier, and they are being made in silver. It still works like the classic Imp Bottle does, just bigger.

These are 8cm tall, or a little over 3″. A limited run of them will be made. So get them while they last. Only $12 for a classic piece of magic.

Imp Bottle

Get yours here…

IMPossible Bottle


Foam Rubber Hatchet

Realistic foam rubber hatchet used for movie or stage props, or just for fun gags to freak your friends out. Hollywood quality at affordable prices.

Super soft foam rubber, safe for impact, safe for cosplay, safe for security.

foam rubber hatchet

Get yours here…

Foam Rubber Hatchet


Halloween is coming….

It’s middle of September… That means it’s time to get into the mood of Halloween, because Halloween is coming…

To magicians, that means what tricks are you going to do that fit the theme? Here are some suggestions…

The Magic Poppet… My version of the rising voodoo doll.


There’s also the Latos Paddle. The best paddle trick ever…

You can get them on the magic page.

Or maybe you just need some foam props for your haunted house.

Slap some fake blood on one of my foam hammers or foam bats, then scare without worrying about hurting anyone..

Foam Hammer Foam Bat

You can get them on the foam page.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail