The latest version of Tetanus is here… T-Omega is an updated version of everyone’s favorite T2_Sterile. New and updated…

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Tortoise Trio

tortoise trio

There are three different color tortoises. While the magician’s back is turned, the spectator picks a tortoise and puts it in the box, places the lid on, and hides the other two tortoises in their hands. When the magician turns back around, they claim they can tell which color is in the box. It’s at this time the magician pulls out a tube and begins to look through it at the box. A few mimed adjustments on the tube, the magician looks again. At this point, the magician puts down the tube and correctly names the right color. The tube, the box, the lid, the tortoises, all can be examined, and nothing adjusts on the tube. It was all a red herring. Comes with box, three tortoises, and x-ray tube.

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Stage Prop Gun

This is not a toy. These new foam rubber guns are hyper-realistic and should be treated with respect. Only meant for adults. There are no safety markings on these foam guns. These foam stage prop guns are meant for film and theater. They come in a sturdy hard dense foam, lightweight, and perfect for stage, and they come is a super soft squishy foam to be used as a production piece.

foam rubber gun



Superposition V2.0 has arrived!!

The best version of the Hippity Hop trick has been improved even more. A few behind the scenes improvements have been made, but there are three big improvements on the surface. Nothing has changed about the boxes. They still have the bird/rabbit illusion on them. The only changes are on the characters.

The first thing you might notice, is that the characters are now a hand draw version instead of draw on the computer. This gives everything a much more organic feel and more personality. Something else you might notice is that the bird has different colors, and that’s because the goat is gone, and has been replaced by a lizard. Since the lizard is green, the majority of green from the bird was removed for contrast. Which is why it was changed to a lizard from a goat. The goat and rabbit were both grey, and there wasn’t enough of a contrast. Now with a green lizard, the change will not go unnoticed.

The last change is to the base. The base has always been specially made to be small, but still heavy enough to keep the character upright. That hasn’t changed, but the first one was created before the 3D printer was involved. This time it is more round, more contoured, more slick, and still small and heavy enough to keep the character standing.

Made in limited runs. Get yours today. Same price as the first version, but twice as good.

Superposition 2.0 Superposition 2.0