These are custom made to order pieces.

Please allow two to three weeks for delivery.


The Bugs-O-Lite, are the glowing magic bugs that can now be part of your magic act. Catch them, contain them in a paper sack, and then release them using your magic. Great for all ages, but especially charming for the young audience. Easy to do. No set up. Nothing to construct. No reset. Everything is ready to go for show after show.. The Bugs-O-Lite come in RED Fire Flies, GREEN Lightning Bugs, and White Sprites. Comes with the special LED gimmick, and a link to online video instructions. Also needed, and not included, three AAA batteries, paper sack, and a D’Lite© or something similar.

Watch Demo Video of Bugs-O-Lite

These are custom made to order pieces.

Please allow two to three weeks for delivery.

The Raincloud Magic Switchboard

The effect… There are four switches and four light bulbs, four different colors of each. The switches are wired up one to each light bulb. When one switch is closed, it lights up the bulb that is connected to it. A basic electrical circuit, but then the magic happens. When you rearrange the light bulbs, the same color switch still turns the same color light on even though they are not connected.

This has always been one of the more fascinating effects in magic, but it also always had a problem. How is watching different switches light up different lights amazing when the spectator has a phone in their pocket that can do anything? Most people don’t understand electricity anyway, and it’s “magic” to them already. That’s why this version is made to look like a Junior High School Science Fair Project. This version first teaches the conductivity of electricity and electron flow, then it demonstrates the magic effect. With this version, ordinary people can understand the trick, and it’s fully examinable and will not work for anyone else.
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Magic Switchboard Magic Switchboard

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These are custom made to order pieces.

Please allow two to three weeks for delivery.

Tamasudare Magic Mat

(Ta – Ma – SOO – Da – Reh)
The tamasudare is a performance prop based on a popular Japanese toy. Not very many people make these in the United States, and information on them is hard to find if you don’t speak Japanese. I include a basic explanation of the tricks that can be done with it. They are not hard at all. A couple of days of practice and you will get it. A yo-yo is harder.
Made from 5/16″ dowel rod 16″ long.
The mat ends up being around 25″ x 16″.
Each one is a custom order. It takes over a hundred knots to make one of these. Each dowel has to be perfectly smooth. There is quite a bit of work that goes into a tamasudare.
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To learn more about the tamasudare, check out my blog posting.

For more information you could talk to Richard Hatch.

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