Foam Props for film, theater, magic tricks, and gags.

Super Soft Foam

Foam Egg doughnut foam lightbulb
Foam Frogs baseball My Right Ear

Super soft squishable foam rubber props used for magic productions or gimmicks.
The Egg is a great prop for your magic, lightweight and unbreakable.
The doughnut can be compressed into a small area and will pop back into shape when released, around 4″ in diameter.
The Light Bulb molded from a standard light bulb is great for a tossing gag.
Frogs, very cute, random colors.
The Baseball is molded from an actual regulation pro baseball.
My Right Ear  is a foam prop from a mold of a real ear used as a comedy prop.  Other colors available. Contact.

Soft Foam

Foam Hand Walnut Cigar and Mustache
Foam Hammer Wrench Foam Brick
Bloody Hatchet Bloody Hatchet Bloody Hatchet

Soft foam rubber props used for magic, stage, and film.
Realistic Walnuts.
The third hand, knife not included, is used to replace your right or left hand while your real hand does the dirty work. Other colors available. Contact.
The classic Cigar & Mustache is back. Made from foam and ready to make people laugh.
The Foam Hammer is realistic even up close and has a wooden dowel inside to keep it from drooping. 12+” Long.
The Wrench is realistic and has a very tiny carbon fiber rod to keep it erect. 12″ Long.
The most realistic looking foam Brick  on the market, 100% soft foam rubber. 9″ Long.
The blank Baseball Bat is soft foam rubber regulation baseball bat with a wooden dowel inside.

Prop Stage Gun

Hyper-realistic foam rubber gun used for stage and film. Comes in a heavy dense foam rubber. Not meant as a toy.

foam rubber gun foam rubber gun foam rubber gun

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