Raincloud Magic is the magic product of Randi Rain. All products purchased from this website, are “as is”, and considered an artistic work. Buyer takes full responsibility, and understands that no products have been tested, or met any official standards. They should be taken as the crafted piece of art they are. For more from Randi, check out her website, and her prop construction. Go here to CONTACT RAINCLOUD MAGIC.

The foam rubber, and plastics, that is used in the production of the props, is polyurethane. The pigments are nontoxic iron oxides, used in soap and make-up.

The foam, that is used, is what is called a “closed cell” foamed rubber. To compare with a magicians sponge ball, a sponge ball, which is an open cell foam. Close cell foamed rubber is just that, rubber that has millions of bubbles enclosed in it. All of those little bubbles are solid little capsules of air. When you squeeze the foam, you are compressing those bubbles. Where as, an “open cell” foam, is rubber that has been expanded, with heat, to create a cavern like effect with in it. When you squeeze it, you squeeze the air out of it. That’s the difference you are going to feel. This closed cell foam is much more springier.

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Shipping prices at Raincloud Magic are a flat rate no matter how much you order. The flat rates are divided into zones. Check your zone below. All USA orders are a flat rate of $8.50. Large international orders are subject to extra charge.

Shipping to Canada is $13.50, shipping to Europe is $16, and shipping to the other side of the world is $26.
For any other shipping options, you must contact Raincloud Magic.

Note: These are one of a kind, handmade magic tricks, there are no returns. Feel free to contact Raincloud Magic and ask questions before ordering.

ALSO NOTE: There are absolutely no performance restrictions on any of these effects. Knock yourself out!