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Color Sticks
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Jump Bug
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Latos Paddle
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Magic Poppet
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The Color Sticks is the classic “HotRod” paddle effect meshed with the most ordinary of objects, a stick. It adds an extra layer for your patter and engagement with the audience. The shape also allows for the perfect execution of the paddle move.
Jump Bug is the classic jumping paddle routine using the stick paddle and cute little ladybugs.  A ladybug appears, divides into two, they jump around on the stick, and then they both vanish to whence they came. Lots of fun and very cute close up magic.
Latos Paddle is the vampire paddle trick. The vampire appears, then can’t be seen in the mirror, and after staked in the heart, he vanishes. Comes with paddle, mirror, and stakes. Raincloud Magic own the exclusive rights to Doug Bennett’s vampire paddle trick.
Magic Poppet is the old Okito Voodoo Doll. Place the doll in the palm of your hand. Make your magical motions. No strings, no magnets, but the doll rises and stands all by itself.
Chinese TNT Sticks are the classic Chinese Sticks, and these are just dynamite. That’s what they are, two sticks of dynamite. One stick has a short fuse and one has a long fuse. You pull the short fuse, and the long fuse goes up on the other one. You pull that fuse, and the other one goes up. Even if you separate the sticks and show there is no connection between the two, it still happens. The fuses end up both long, then both short. The Chinese TNT Sticks come with a routine with some examples and suggestions for an explosive finale.

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At Ropes End
at ropes end
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At Ropes End is my version of the trick ‘Rope with four ends’. This new version comes with better rope and online video instructions.
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Mysterious Magic Mouse
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It’s the next generation of the Wonder Mouse. This time it’s more realistic and it’s the Mysterious Magic Mouse. Lighter, more realistic, and just better all the way around. Made from a super light foam rubber, 3 1/2″ long with tail, and cute as ever.
The Mysterious Magic Mouse comes with the mouse, the special gimmick, and instructions explaining everything you need to know, ready to go “out of the box”.

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The Bendable Magic Wand is a denser foam rubber wand with a bendable wire inside. Great comedy gag for magicians and clowns.

Bendable Magic Wand Bendable Magic Wand Bendable Magic Wand

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Monte-Matic Monte-Matic

An electronic three shell game… and just as dishonest. Instead of picking a card, or picking a shell to find the pea, you choose buttons instead. You’ll still always win. A great little device to let audience members have choices, or for them to think they have choices, but really you are in control at all times. A wonderful crooked little contraption that looks innocent enough, and something you bought it at the store.

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Superposition 2.0

Originally called the “Hare and Bird Superposition”, the new Superposition 2.0 is a take on the classic Hippity Hop Rabbits. Instead of a white rabbit with black outlines, and a black rabbit with white outlines, which look horrible, it’s been changed to a cute rabbit and bird. This is not just better, but it also allows for the use of the classic “duck/rabbit” illusion. Only this time, it’s a bird and rabbit illusion, and it gets used as the art work on the boxes instead of a stenciled top hat. The big finale of Hippity Hop Rabbits also rewarded you with different color rabbits, which makes little sense and gives little reward. With the Superposition 2.0, the finale is two totally different animals. This time it’s a green lizard and a brown dog, and all four of these characters have cleverly been created with the same asymmetrical silhouette. Made from high quality birch plywood, with mineral filled resin bases for stability.

Superposition 2.0 Superposition 2.0 Superposition 2.0

Watch Demo Video of the Superposition 2.0

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Mini Superpositions

The Hare & Bird Superpositions come in a mini version. Made of black plastic, and work and perform the exact same way as their large cousins. The pieces stand between 4-1/2″ to 5″ tall. Note, this set uses the original art work from the original Hare & Bird Superpositions.

Mini Superposition

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