Tamasudare Magic Mat

(Ta – Ma – SOO – Da – Reh)
The tamasudare is a performance prop based on a popular Japanese toy. Not very many people make these in the United State, and information on them is hard to find if you don’t speak Japanese. I include a basic explanation of the tricks that can be done with it. They are not hard at all. A couple of days of practice and you will get it. A yo-yo is harder.
Made from 5/16″ dowel rod 16″ long.
The mat ends up being around 25″ x 16″.
Each one is a custom order. It takes over a hundred knots to make one of these. Each dowel has to be perfectly smooth. There is quite a bit of work that goes into a tamasudare. Please allow two weeks for delivery.
Feel free to make special requests.


To learn more about the tamasudare, check out my blog posting.

For more information you could talk to Richard Hatch.


Order Tamasudare Tamasudare @ $200.00