Silver Dome Robot figures.

One of a kind, only one of each made. Get them why they last.

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These are all replacement parts for robots, toys, toy robots, that are vintage and the company no longer produces them.

OmniBot Jr, Robie Jr – Urethane Tires

Handmade tires custom molded from the original.

OmniBot, Hearoid, Robie Sr – Urethane Tires

Custom made tires that will get your robot moving.

OmniBot, Hearoid, Robie Sr – Urethane Grips

Molded from actual OmniBot grips.

OmniBot 2000 – Urethane Tires

Molded from actual OmniBot 200 tires.

Zeroid – Tire Belts

Custom recreations that fit and work on the Zeroid perfectly.


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