Orange Tree Illusion

The Temple Orange Tree Illusion

Temple Orange Tree Illusion Temple Orange Tree Illusion

The famous Orange Tree Illusion, from the great Robert Houdin, has long been an icon of the unattainable “perfect” magic trick. Yet, that has never stopped any magician from wanting to try. So I decided to break down the illusion to it’s parts, and find the simplest solution to the effect. The answer that arrived was one of those, “why hasn’t anyone done this before?”
Specially made panels, based off of the U.F. Grant Temple Screen, is used to produce an orange tree that works like a ‘sleeve bouquet’. The trick comes with the screen, the orange tree, a foam orange, and an instructional DVD. A “Bill to orange” magic¬†trick instructions are included on the DVD. Please note, there are additional props of “Buddha Money Papers” and “Wind-up Butterflies” needed, which are not included.
Each illusion is a custom made to order. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery.