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The multiplying object magic trick. Super soft foam.
It comes in Bananas, Cigars, Pickles, Fish, and um Poo, and um Weewees if for any reason you need those.
The magic effect is.. You have one of these objects in your hand, you take it away with the other hand, but there is still one there. You now have two. You put one of the objects away, and another appears. You keep putting the objects away and they just keep multiplying. Then when you decide to stop multiplying the object, you show the container, you had been putting them in, to be completely empty.
You get two foam objects and instructions for the handling of the endless routine. All multiplying foam props are approximately 5 1/2″ – 6″ long.

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Yes we have no bananas In a pickle!Tobacco Road1 fish 2 fishEndless Poo


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