Rain Bowls

Rain Bowls

Since ancient times, magicians have been doing the famous “cups and balls” magic effect. From the modern day cups, to the bowls of the Indian and Japanese versions. Much like the vessels used, the balls have been everything from pebbles to fruit. Many methods have been used. Many gimmicks have been made. Many sleight of hand techniques have been employed. It’s a classic piece of magic that every magician should be able to perform, and now there is whole new way of performing this beautiful effect.

The inspiration for this new method came while viewing an automaton doing the cups and balls. After watching that amazing piece of machinery, I could only think, “that’s how the effect should look.” The ball should be able to be put under one vessel, vanish, and reappear under the other vessel, and then back the other way. Just like that automaton did it. After many years of thinking about it, the Rain Bowls were finally dreamed up.

Rain Bowls is a brand new concept for this classic in magic, and comes with beautiful handmade crochet balls.

Crochet Balls

The Rain Bowls come with two bowls, two crochet balls, and one teaching DVD.