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Superposition 2.0

Originally called the “Hare and Bird Superposition”, the new Superposition 2.0 is a take on the classic Hippity Hop Rabbits. Instead of a white rabbit with black outlines, and a black rabbit with white outlines, which look horrible, it’s been changed to a cute rabbit and bird. This is not just better, but it also allows for the use of the classic “duck/rabbit” illusion. Only this time, it’s a bird and rabbit illusion, and it gets used as the art work on the boxes instead of a stenciled top hat. The big finale of Hippity Hop Rabbits also rewarded you with different color rabbits, which makes little sense and gives little reward. With the Superposition 2.0, the finale is two totally different animals. This time it’s a green lizard and a brown dog, and all four of these characters have cleverly been created with the same asymmetrical silhouette. Made from high quality birch plywood, with mineral filled resin bases for stability.

Superposition 2.0 Superposition 2.0 Superposition 2.0

Watch Demo Video of the Superposition 2.0

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The Bugs-O-Lite, are the glowing magic bugs that can now be part of your magic act. Catch them, contain them in a paper sack, and then release them using your magic. Great for all ages, but especially charming for the young audience. Easy to do. No set up. Nothing to construct. No reset. Everything is ready to go for show after show.. Comes with the special red LED gimmick, and a link to online video instructions. Also needed, and not included, three AAA batteries, paper sack, and a D’Lite© or something similar.

Watch Demo Video of Bugs-O-Lite

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Foam Brick and Foam Hammer Foam Wrench

The Foam Hammer is realistic even up close and has a wooden dowel inside to keep it from drooping. 12+” Long.
The Wrench is realistic and has a very tiny carbon fiber rod to keep it erect. 12″ Long.
The most realistic looking foam Brick  on the market, 100% soft foam rubber. 9″ Long.

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