All American shipping will be done through Priority Mail by the United States Postal Service. Your email will be entered into the shipping label and you can track from there. Raincloud Magic will only be responsible within this confirmation of shipping. Another words, if you say you didn’t receive your order but USPS says you did, it will be between you and USPS. Raincloud Magic will not get involved in such matters. Raincloud Magic will only get involved if USPS claims a failure from Raincloud Magic.

All international orders will be sent through USPS to your countries postal system. Once the order leaves American soil, Raincloud Magic will not be responsible. Upon request, a customs number will be given and it will be your responsibility to track your order within your own country. All international shipping customs will be sent as purchased items, for the price of the items. Please do not ask for it to be sent as a gift or at a lesser value.

Shipping prices at Raincloud Magic are a flat rate no matter how much you order. The flat rates are divided into zones. Check your zone below. All USA orders are a flat rate of $6.