T-Omega is the final version… It started with Tetanus, then it was updated with T2-Sterile. Then it moved on in an attempt to make it easier to produce, which it did, but not without other issues. It continued with some clever updates, but it still had issues. So, it was back to the drawing board, and back to T2-Sterile, which was the best version, and that’s what T-Omega is. It’s an update to T2-Sterile. So how does it play?

A block is shown along with a real aluminum spike. All can be examined. They’re placed inside a paper bag. Three other paper bags are brought out, along with three other empty blocks. The bags are opened and the empty blocks are placed in them. The audience sees the real spike and sees the other empty blocks. The bags can be mixed up in several ways. A turntable is not mandatory. After being mixed up, the audience can pick the bags to smash, or the magician can choose. After three bags are smashed, the magician tears open the last bag and the spike is revealed. The magician is safe.

T-Omega is 100% safe. A remake and update of T2-Sterile, and comes in a four or six version. Comes with four or six blocks, a real aluminum spike, four or six secret gimmicks, online video instructions, and all packs down and travels in the space of a 4″ cube. You can perform T-Omega with the minimum of four paper bags and one foulard. Which makes this the most versatile version there has been.

Finally, the version you have been waiting for.

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