Toy Robot Figures

It’s finally happened. People have wanted to buy Randi Rain’s robot figures, well now you can. At only $8 a piece, these one of a kind, only one design made of each one, and never will again, are now available.

Order them here…



I’m branching out with Robot Tires.

Randi Rain here…

I am going to do something I always wanted to do, and I think I have an idea how to do it, so I’m branching out with robot tires. I growing a branch, maybe two.

Besides being a magic creator, I always wanted to be a toy maker as well. So to start, I am now selling my replacement Tomy robot tires. Also the Zeroid tire belts, but that’s just the beginning. I will be adding more replacement parts for various vintage robots, mechanical games, and other toys. Then I hope to branch out again, and start making my own toys, my own robots..etc.

Get your Tomy robot tires here. I have the entire OmniBot line. From the junior, to the 2000, and the Hearoid and Robie Sr, to boot.



Viral Switchboard – No, not the corona virus.

Recently, someone who had purchased my switchboard made a video and it has over a million views of it. I read some of the comments on the video, and no one came close to figuring it out. There were some pretty dumb guesses as well. I had to bite my tongue to keep from telling everyone where they can get theirs… but you can get yours here…

Magic Switchboard

Magic Switchboard


Bloody Halloween Hatchet

It’s that time of the year again. The time when it’s alright to chase someone with a bloody hatchet. That is as long as it’s not real. This bloody Halloween hatchet will do the trick. Made from a soft foam rubber, you couldn’t hurt anyone with this thing if you tried, but it sure looks like you can.

Bloody Hatchet

Get yours on the foam prop page…


Imp Bottles Back In Stock

It’s been awhile, but the IMPossible bottles are back and better than ever. This time the top part is lighter, the bottom part is heavier, and they are being made in silver. It still works like the classic Imp Bottle does, just bigger.

These are 8cm tall, or a little over 3″. A limited run of them will be made. So get them while they last. Only $12 for a classic piece of magic.

Imp Bottle

Get yours here…

IMPossible Bottle