Foam Rubber Baseball Bat

Another foam prop. Raincloud Magic already offers a foam baseball, here is the bat that goes with it. The foam baseball bat is a soft foam rubber bat that has a wooden dowel rod inside. You could use the bat and the baseball to play some foam rubber sport, but fun props is what they are really made for.

The baseball bat is a foam rubber replica of Louisville Slugger®. These look exactly like the real thing and ready to be mixed in with the real thing for some fun.

A plain bat is one way it comes, but a new comic book movie is about to come out. In that movie, there is a sexy girl who uses a baseball bat as a weapon. This is a favorite character in cosplay, but you can’t take a real bat to comic conventions for safety reasons. That’s where the Raincloud Magic foam rubber bat has become the “HQ Good Night Bat”.

Foam Rubber Baseball Bat Foam Rubber Baseball Bat Foam Rubber Baseball Bat

Comic Book Bat

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