Latos Paddle – Second Edition

The Latos Paddle is back, and it’s better than ever. After the mold for the first one finally gave out, it was decided not to make another until it could be improved. After a long wait, it has finally been rebuilt. The all new Latos Paddle is a better shape, with a better vampire, a better mirror, and better stakes.

Do you not know what a Latos Paddle is?

It’s a vampire paddle trick. You show a small coffin that is blank on both sides. Then with a magic pass, the vampire Baron Latos (aka Dracula) appears. Then he appears on both sides of the coffin. Everyone knows that vampires don’t cast a reflection, so a mirror is brought out and the coffin is passed over, and lo and behold there is no reflection of him. Then a stake is stabbed through the heart, and the vampire vanishes. A classic effect first created by Doug Bennett.

Latos Paddle

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